About Tarin

My name is Tarin Rataic and I am The Reiki Guide.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are here!

Reiki is my life. It is my heart and soul and passion. And it is my one goal to share it with as many people as I can who want to know more about it!

I have a really good reason to be so excited about Reiki… I am not just blindly fanatical 🙂 …I used Reiki to heal from a disabling illness.

I struggled for years with vague symptoms that became more and more disruptive. Eventually, while in my junior year of college, my body just quit. I couldn’t keep food down and started losing weight. I wasn’t able to finish the semester and ended up practically living in the emergency room and doctors’ offices.

Eventually the correct test was run that showed at least part of what was going on with me, but no clue as to the ultimate cause and therefore treatment. I was put on a bunch of medications just to help me keep some food down. But I was only able to be awake for three groggy hours per day.

I spent the next four years getting sicker and sicker and searching in dozens of doctors offices for the answer – and the cure.

I went through batteries of tests and took dangerous, side-effect laden drugs. The tests often revealed abnormalities, but nothing close to a clear diagnosis. And I desperately wanted a diagnosis! I needed to know “what was the matter with me” so that I could “fix it.”

Eventually I got more sick and a diagnosis became clear. I was told I had a severe version of autonomic dysfunction, an illness that causes nerve damage to your autonomic nervous system making it struggle to function. And the autonomic nervous system is important. At the point of my diagnosis, my resting heart rate was over 180. My blood pressure was often under 100/60. I couldn’t walk or stand and often couldn’t even sit up. I had digestive problems, breathing problems, vision problems and a bunch of other scary stuff.

I went from bad to worse and quickly ended up in a wheelchair where I stayed for nearly 3 years.

I was scared and even my doctors were scared. There was a point I remember when it was unclear what the prognosis was and whether this would claim my life. I remember seeing how scared my wife was, but being too weak to comfort her.

So I kept taking the medications I was prescribed and laid there doing, well, not a heck of a lot. I remember telling myself that I just needed to accept that this was my life and I needed to learn to flourish within my limitations.

My life had become filled with walls and boundaries over which I could not and would not pass. One day I couldn’t take it anymore and I asked for help from the Divine.

I went to sleep that night hoping to be shown the answer. And I was.

I knew that Reiki was the answer for me.

I had originally learned it when I was just a teenager and was already a Level II Practitioner. I did use Reiki all the time – on others.

With family, animals and friends I was always there with a “Reiki hand” or two. But self-practice was not a big part of my previous Reiki training. Beyond giving myself Reiki for the first 30 days after an attunement, I was told “that giving yourself Reiki is kind of like trying to tickle yourself – not very effective.”

Luckily, with my dream, I was guided to seek out Reiki Master training and use it to heal myself. I was able to find a wonderful, credible online course and teacher, which was important considering I was housebound, and I completed the Reiki Master training. (I have since gone on to train with multiple other Reiki teachers, both in-person and via a distance.)

And most importantly I learned that doing self-Reiki is incredibly effective! It is the most important thing I do every day.

And I have been blessed to use Reiki to heal myself. It has been years since I was in a wheelchair and I’m down from 17 medications to one (hopefully none, soon) none. My life has changed by 180 degrees.

I am so lucky.

I am so blessed.

And now I get to help others experience their own changes and blessings.

I have learned so much and I am thrilled to keep learning with all of you. I am so motivated to share this path with others who desire to be empowered to claim their right to health and well-being. And I am so excited that you are here!

With blessings,

Tarin RataicThe Reiki Guide

And here’s a little about my professional experience…

By investing myself in studying with many different and qualified Reiki and spiritual teachers, I have gained a broad and diverse skill-set of healing techniques that allows me to effectively guide my clients down their unique healing path.

Reiki Experience

I am a Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master and Teacher with 18 years of experience.

Reiki Training

I have been blessed to train with 10 different Reiki Master/Teachers. One of these teachers was William Lee Rand, President and Founder of the International Center for Reiki Training and author of Reiki, The Healing Touch, among other books.

Other forms of Reiki

I am a Registered Karuna® Reiki Master.

I have also studied with numerous other Reiki teachers and been certified in many other healing systems, from Seichem to Shamballa Multidimensional Healing to Kundalini Reiki, and many in between.

Crystal Healing & more!

I am a Certified Crystal Healer through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. I have a further certification in Crystal Therapy, as well as diplomas in Color Therapy and Angel Healing. I am also a Certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner.

Intuitive Training

I am a natural born psychic intuitive. However, I have spent years honing my gifts and have trained with author and teacher Doreen Virtue to become a Certified Angel Intuitive™ and Certified Angel Card Reader™. I have also trained with author and teacher Charles Virtue to become a Certified Archangel Life Coach®, Certified Angelic Medium and Certified Indigo Card Reader.


I’ve also been meditating and exploring spirituality and metaphysics for over 23 years now. I have dedicated my life to learning all that I can so that I may be of service to you on your journey.

I have been an Ordained Minister since 2013 as I believe the healing practices and support that I offer to my clients is an expression of our intrinsic spiritual nature. Awakening and embracing that aspect of myself is the greatest healing I’ve ever known.


Other Activities

In addition to volunteering and sharing Reiki with the residents of a local animal shelter, I have been a speaker at the Connecticut Vegetarian and Healthy Living Festival.

It is truly my honor to be of service to you and support you in experiencing the healing that your spirit craves so that you may live your best life!

Want to learn about energy healing? Click the link below to get FREE instant access to my Energy Healing 101 ecourse where you will learn how to harness Life Force Energy. PLUS you’ll also be signed up to receive my weekly newsletter full of inspiring, empowering and useful healing tips and info.

Want to learn about energy healing? Click the link below to get FREE instant access to my Energy Healing 101 ecourse where you will learn how to harness Life Force Energy. PLUS you’ll also be signed up to receive my weekly newsletter full of inspiring, empowering and useful healing tips and info.

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