The Reiki Guide Academy's

Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner Course

The Reiki Guide Academy's

Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner Course

Do You Feel Called to Be a Healer?

You know, deep down, that you are meant to make a difference.

That you’re here to help others.

That you’re destined to be a healer.

Are You Already a Practicing Healer?

You’re ready to add some new, exciting, and effective tools to your healer’s toolkit.

You want to take your clients’ experiences to the next level.

Do You Want to Heal Yourself and Your Life?

You’re ready to bring deep, lasting healing, clarity and peace to every level of your being.

You want to release all that no longer serves you and finally experience true balance.

Imagine how it would feel…


Being a Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner


Having a community of fellow chakra healers to share in this experience with you


To have your confidence as a healer soar because you learned everything you need to know to help yourself and others


Knowing that you are finally on your path to living your life purpose

This course is for you...

If you’re a lightworker, Earth Angel, or other service-oriented soul, the Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner course provides you with comprehensive online training, helping you get actual experience as a healer, as well as providing you with the support you need to feel confident in your healing practice.

Regardless of your level of experience when you begin, the Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner Course is full of heartfelt instruction that sets you up for success.

Now with all of the different healing modalities and methods out there, it can be hard to know what to pick or where to start…

Inside of this Chakra Healing Practitioner Course you’ll discover a complete, comprehensive healing system. Even if you have no prior healing experience, you will learn everything that you need to know to become a skilled healing practitioner.

This fully online video course includes:

In-depth video training

  • You’ll receive 18 pre-recorded video lessons
  • One lesson will be released to you every 3-4 days
  • You’ll be guided through the course over 10 weeks, with quizzes, assignments and the perfect amount of information to help keep you on track and integrating the training so that it’s usable – right away
  • You can download these videos and keep forever, they’re yours to watch again and again

Full video demonstrations

  • No “guessing what you think I mean”
  • Watch as I give a full chakra healing session, both to a client and myself
  • Learn how to give distance healing sessions
  • You can download these videos, too, so you can reference them whenever you need to

Private Facebook group

  • Once inside, you can ask any questions about the course and chakra healing that may come up for you
  • You’ll also be able to connect with your Chakra Healing Course classmates
  • This way you can practice your chakra healing skills with each other, becoming skilled faster than you could have thought!

Access to tons of resources

  • Get my top picks for everything from session tables, to crystals, to essential oils, to liability insurance, and more!

Frameable certificate

  • This course is fully accredited by both the World Metaphysical Association and the Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers
  • This is a certification that you can be proud of!

Detailed course manual

    • That way you can easily reference all of the course material at a moments notice

Are you new to chakras? Or just want to know more about them?

Click below to find out the basics!

What is Chakra Healing?

During the Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner Course, you’re going to learn how to give chakra healing sessions to clients, as well as to yourself.

You will receive ALL of the skills you need to clear and balance all of the chakras which helps to remove any energetic blocks to health and happiness.

A chakra healing session is an incredibly soothing experience that promotes both stress-relief and relaxation. This stress-free space of peace, calm, and relaxation that is created during the session, actually encourages healing.

When giving a chakra healing, during the healing session, your client remains fully clothed.

Chakra healing sessions are very safe and completely non-invasive. There is minimal physical contact involved during the session, as you perform energy healing over your client’s body and gently apply crystals and stones to their chakras.

You’ll Learn 7 Healing Modalities to Use As a Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner

Life Force Energy Healing

Crystal Therapy

The Reiki Guide - Color Therapy

Color Therapy

The Reiki Guide - Aromatherapy


The Reiki Guide - Angel Healing

Angel Healing

The Reiki Guide - Sound Healing

Sound Therapy

The Reiki Guide - Guidance about food choices

Healing Through Food Choices

All of these modalities work together synergistically to support your client’s, or your own, well-being.

The method of chakra healing that you’ll learn in the Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner Course clears and balances all of the chakras.

This means that you clear out any energetic blockages to health and happiness, including emotional blocks. This is important because if these blockages go unreleased, they can manifest as physical or emotional issues. And if a physical or emotional issue is already present, clearing the chakra can allow it to heal

As each chakra is cleared and balanced, the pathways for spiritual growth and evolution are also opened.

Chakra healing is supportive on every level of being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This makes chakra healing a truly holistic, comprehensive and supportive healing modality.

Are You Ready to Become a
Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner?

Registration will open on September 3, 2019!!

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