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How to Clear Your Energy: Two Simple Methods

How to Clear Your Energy: Two Simple Methods

Do you struggle with keeping your energy clear? Do you often pick up on the energy of those around you? And then do you find it hard to shake those…icky feelings? If so, you're not alone! I've got two super simple energy clearing methods to get you feeling empowered...

How to Use Reiki When Meeting or Greeting Someone

How to Use Reiki When Meeting or Greeting Someone

Everybody and every culture has their favorite way to say hello when meeting someone new or greeting an old friend or family member. Whether it's… The bows favored in East Asia The kisses on the cheek loved by many European countries The handshakes or hugs used by...

Why Get Professional Healer’s Training?

Why Get Professional Healer’s Training?

If you’re starting to awaken to your healer’s soul, starting to listen to the call, you may be pondering a very common question that most healers have considered early in their journey: Why get professional healer’s training?  And it’s a valid question. Let’s explore...

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