Find a Reiki Practitioner Near You!

Find a Reiki Practitioner Near You!

Are you looking for a Certified Reiki Practitioner or Master to have a Reiki session with?

Here you’ll find a listing of some of The Reiki Guide Academy Alumni who have graduated and are Certified Reiki Practitioners (CRP) of Certified Reiki Master (CRM).

Each of these graduates was required to complete all coursework in the Certification Program with an average grade of 80% or higher. Additionally, they were required to perform healing sessions that were reviewed by me for both their effectiveness and professionalism. They’ve also committed to a professional Code of Ethics.

United States


Name: Tanya Rae Winans, CRM
Business Name: Tanya Rae Wellness
Location: Denver, Colorado USA
Email: hello@tanyaraewellness.com
Phone: (218) 556-5771
Website: www.tanyarae.com
Links: Facebook, Instagram
Futher Skills or Qualifications: Reiki II Practitioner (CRP), Certified Life Coach, NTP

Name: Amelia Snyder, CRP
Business Name:
Location: Faser, Colorado USA
Email: colorfulmillions@gmail.com
Phone: 404-952-5174
Links: Instagram
Futher Skills or Qualifications:

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