The 5-Phase System to Become a Successful, Effective Healer

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Tarin Rataic

Learn how I went from disabling illness to fulfilled, practicing healer and teacher. And how I teach sensitive souls to become professional healers and teachers so that they can fulfill their purpose, too.

Tarin Rataic is your Masterclass host

Here’s what you’ll learn:

The 5-Phase system I use (and my students use) to become a healing pro in just 3 months

The 7 mistakes to avoid when trying to become a healing practitioner (this will save you so much time)

Why you DON’T need to be an expert to be an incredible healer – and what to do instead

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The focused, 15-week system for becoming an experienced and confident healer that we cover in the free class is the same one I teach to my students

I appreciate how comprehensive and clear this course was and Tarin’s accessible teaching style. The whole suite of resources from the video lessons to the demo videos to the manual were immensely helpful. Tarin is an incredibly supportive, dedicated, and loving teacher and I can’t wait to take my next course with her!
Mary G.

I really enjoyed that the course was at my own pace. I am a pretty busy person so it was nice to do work on my own time. I also appreciate that you have manuals and video and a lot of resources to help us be successful. I also enjoyed learning Reiki in this format. I began this journey to heal myself but now I am happy to share Reiki with others.

Dr. G

What I enjoyed most is the empowerment aspect, that we now have the ability, knowledge, the gift or attunement, as well as the tools to heal ourselves & others! The course exceeded all of my expectations! 🙂

Desiree M.

This course gave me a new and unexpected level of confidence in my ability to heal myself and support the healing of others. I feel like I am fully prepared to walk the path of a professional healer. I am very excited to begin my journey. The degree of detail, depth of explanation and breadth of knowledge provided in this course makes it the best healing course I have ever done. I have studied Reiki for many years, but this is the finest course I have experienced, whether in-person or remote. I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to mastering every aspect of it. This course has renewed my faith in the depth and power of Reiki as a complete method of total holistic healing.

Larry C.

Free Class - The 5 Phase System to Become a Successful, Effective Healer

Who is Tarin Rataic?

Tarin Rataic is a Reiki Master Teacher, chakra healer, spiritual teacher, and psychic intuitive, and founder of The Reiki Guide. She’s based in Connecticut and teaches students all over the world.

Through her highly-rated certification programs, including The Complete Reiki Training Program, she helps lightworkers and other sensitive people answer their calling by becoming the professional healing practitioners they’re meant to be.

Free Class - The 5 Phase System to Become a Successful, Effective Healer

Are you ready to get the confidence and experience to become a practicing healer in the next few months?

More importantly, are you ready to get everything you need to become a professional healer and teacher so that you can stop struggling and start living your purpose?

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With the system I teach, I’ll put you on the path to becoming a successful, effective healing pro in the next month!

The information given, the online classes and recording was clear, concise and flowed. The course is very engaging so the videos, the tests, the exams, the practice sessions, all brought out the healing practitioner in me. I was so ready at the end of the course to start my practice. This course requires you to conduct healing sessions as a prerequisite to obtaining your certificate, so I had actual clients and even got paid while I was learning. This was the course I asked the universe to send my way…I would highly recommend this course to persons who want to learn how to heal themselves or even start an energy healing business. Thank you!

Patrice R.

First of all I just want to say that I have never been able to complete an online course, especially one that is self-paced. I found the videos engaging and so easy to listen to. If a video bores me, that’s when I find it really hard to motivate myself to continue, but I always finished the videos well before the end of the week and always had to wait for the next ones to be released! The videos were so in depth and I also loved having the manual. That will be with me as a reference guide for life!

Danielle R.

To sum it up in one word, I’d choose “AMAZING”…My general AND intuitive understanding has broadened and deepened. Using the techniques Tarin taught me in my own self-healing is incredibly powerful and yielding results exponentially greater than what I expected. She’s an awesome teacher with her focus on the well-being and success of her students. I researched at least a dozen online courses…This course, and Tarin, are a million times more wonderful than I had imagined when I decided to take a leap of faith and register.

Jennifer P.

The course was such an educational and fulfilling course. The many different tools and techniques were presented with ease and opened up doorways to adding healing techniques within a session that might not have been thought of. More than anything, you can feel Tarin’s energy throughout the whole course. This energy flows over into her ability to share the gifts she has been given with others. It truly is about helping our world heal and us as a healing community learning tools to be the humble vessels (facilitators) in which this flows. Thank You Tarin, I look forward to sharing space with you throughout this whole journey.

Donjha C.

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