Do want to relax?

Do you want to experience healing and get balanced?

Then the Relaxing, Balancing and Healing Meditation is just right for you!

If you have just over 20 minutes to spare, you can make a big reduction in your stress and discomfort levels, and bring both peace and vitality into your entire body!
During this EXCLUSIVE 23 minute guided meditation, you’ll:

  • Relax your entire body and let go of any tension and discomfort
  • Bring a profound sense of peace and relaxation into your entire being – setting you up perfectly to experience deep healing
  • Experience the power of Color Therapy
  • Clear and balance all of your chakras
  • Receive healing energies from both the Earth and Spirit
  • Connect directly with the Universal Source and your own higher wisdom
  • Finish by getting grounded – which is really important after bringing in all of this high vibrational healing energy!

Here’s what you can expect by downloading and working with this very special meditation:


Lowered stress levels


Less discomfort and tension


Increased energy levels

A sense of inner peace

A more balanced energy system

A stronger connection to Spirit, as well as to the Earth and all life

A feeling of calm and wholeness

A feeling of groundedness and safety

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 Wishing you peace, healing and balance,

Tarin Rataic

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