How to Use Reiki to Soothe Anxiety + Relieve Worry in 3 Simple Steps

How to Use Reiki to Soothe Anxiety + Relieve Worry in 3 Simple Steps

Did you know that perhaps one of the most common uses of Reiki is to help soothe anxiety and relieve worry?

Reiki: The Antidote for Worry and Anxiety

Many people who find themselves in the world of Reiki, whether on the practitioner end or the client end, are very sensitive. I may be impartial, but they’re also very caring, kind and intelligent people. They want the best outcomes for both others and themselves. These lovely characteristics can unfortunately, at times, lead to a tendency towards unhealthy worry and anxiety.

Very “luckily,” Reiki is a natural at safely, effectively, and often quickly, relieving worry and anxiety. Afterall, the second Reiki principle is “Just for today, I let go of worry.” And the system of Reiki wouldn’t encourage you to do something that is doesn’t help you to accomplish!

Why Would I Want to Use Reiki on Worry?

Now to be clear, worry and anxiety are two different things. Anxiety tends to be a more chronic, less “rational,” far more destructive state of being. I used to struggle with chronic anxiety quite badly. For me, daily Reiki practice is absolutely, the hands-down best solution to freeing my mind and body from the vicious cycle that is anxiety.  

Worry, however, revolves around much more concrete, realistic concerns. Worry is a habit, an action and a choice. This means by choosing to react differently to these thoughts and feelings, you can create real and lasting change in your life and instead learn new, healthy behaviors.

And when you actually listen to the thoughts that come up when you worry, you can hear that worry is literally begging you to do something! When you don’t do something about the things that worry you, and instead try to suppress your thoughts and feelings, it can contribute to an underlying sense of anxiety. So worry is a perfect opportunity to use Reiki.

Over time, you can start to view those undesirable feelings that come up as a sign from yourself to stop and do Reiki. This leaves you feeling empowered, which further reduces anxiety and worry, which are all about powerlessness.

Now some things that you worry about, especially if you tend to worry about other people, may be things that you can’t do anything about, or at least do much about. Reiki’s got you covered there, too.

You see, part of the process of giving Reiki to your worries involves letting them go. Learning how to do this is one of the most valuable skills you can acquire.

If you struggle with anxiety and you’ve already resolved your baseline anxiety, dealing with the things that still worry you, can be very helpful and supportive of your mental health. And if you are still dealing with anxiety, you will likely find some relief from beginning to work on the things that worry you.

Because even if some of the things that you have anxiety about are irrational and unlikely to actually occur, some of the fears that go through your head are likely realistic. By beginning to change how you see and deal with those realistic fears, you are cracking your way into the hamster-wheel like cycle of unhealthy thought patterns. Relearning how you deal with fear of any sort can begin to change how you approach, manage and release fear of all sorts.

When Should I Use Reiki on Worry?

You likely already know what your worry triggers are. Maybe it’s money, your kids, your parents, your health, or any other thing that gets your mind (and maybe even your tummy) churning. Anything that worries you, or sometimes we say “stress us out,” is something that you to which you can send Reiki.

For me, worry would rear it’s head when I would feel emotionally unsafe or that something is unfair and that I have a battle ahead of me to ensure justice. When this happens, my heart starts pounding a little faster and I can feel myself tightening my grip around the situation like a great big Boa constrictor. Essentially, I would get so afraid of the outcome, which I was assuming would be poor, that I thought if I pour all sorts of energy, unfortunately, in the form of stress and fear and worry, into it, I could somehow control it, or at the least protect myself from it.

But you see once we go into that fearful flight or fight response, we can no longer see all of the possible things that we can do to help create a better outcome. And we certainly can’t gain enough perspective to see that no matter what the outcome, we will survive, and often be truly fine. The worst part is, nothing surrounds a situation with as much difficulty-encouraging energy as worry and fear. So by worrying, we are actually contributing to getting the outcome we don’t want!

That’s why the best thing you can do is to respond to the first inklings of uneasiness or tension and begin to do Reiki. But even if you’ve made it this far into worry, you can still choose to turn it all around. All you need is the desire to do this. By learning how to effectively use Reiki to help counteract worry, you can draw on these skills in an instant. They can become your own little anti-worry protocol. And when you choose to use them, you are doing something to support positive, solution-inspiring energy!

Overtime, doing this will become an easy habit. And you know what’s another cool thing about this way of dealing with worry? Eventually, you simply won’t worry or stress much at all! You’ll have changed that habit and developed a different response to the previously worrisome situations. Instead, peace, trust and faith will become your new response. Because, you see, these things were never inherently stressful or worrisome in the first place, it’s simply how you responded that created that trouble. And you have the power to choose differently!

So if you practice Reiki already, you can start this right now. If not, I still have some very helpful tips for you, too!

Part of the process of giving Reiki to your worries involves letting them go. Learning how to do this is one of the most valuable skills you can acquire.

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How to Use Reiki to Release Worry in 3 Steps

Step # 1: Fill Up Your Own Fuel Tank with Reiki

First, take care of yourself and your own feelings. Like I always say, “Put the oxygen mask on yourself first.” If you’re personally feeling stressed and anxious, it’s going to be a real challenge to contribute something positive to whatever situation about which you are feeling worried.

So take a few minutes to put one hand over your heart and the other hand over your solar plexus in order to bring your anxiety level down.

If you are attuned to Reiki Level II or higher, you can use the Mental/Emotional symbol on yourself my drawing it on your palms first and sending it throughout your body.

It is also really helpful to use the corresponding mantra that goes with the Mental/Emotional symbol as a mantra repeated either silently in your mind or out loud if you are by yourself. It’s really soothing!

Breathe in through your nose and down into your belly so that your diaphragm rises and falls. You don’t want to be breathing from your chest. Let this breath out as a sigh.

Now take another breath in, and let this one out more slowly.

Keep breathing through your nose, down into your diaphragm, for a count of four, and exhale through your nose for a count of four. Don’t hold your breath in between inhalations and exhalations.

Continue giving yourself Reiki and breathing calmly and steadily for five to ten minutes, or until you feel better.

Step # 2: Send That Positive, Loving, Sparkly Reiki Energy to the Situation

The next step is to send Reiki to the situation or event about which you feel worried or anxious.

You can use this method to send Reiki to any event that is coming up, whether it’s in the next ten minutes or the next ten months. Some examples include, interviews, presentations, important conversations, a party you’re hosting, the first day of school. Anything that’s going be happening that has you feeling a little squirrely – even if it’s something you want to do or are also excited about. And also if it’s something you’re just plain dreading!

You can also use this method to send Reiki to any situation, including one that is ongoing. So this includes worries about money, fears about health situations, including those of a loved one, troubles that your children or other family members are experiencing, your ability to accomplish a certain task, your weight – anything that has you wringing your hands can benefit from the use of this technique.

Now some of these situations may require you to take some actions to help with their resolution. The idea here is that once your own worry is out of the way, you will be able to hear and act on the Divine guidance that is always available to you. This will help to create truly awesome outcomes!

Also, once you’ve relieved your worry, some of these situations would also really benefit from using the Reiki for supporting goals technique. This would be great for money issues and weight issues, especially.

Here’s how to send Reiki to the event or situation that’s got you worried:

  1. Write the event or the situation, including the date and location if you have it, on a piece of paper.
    If you’re worried about a person, write “My experience of worry about [fill in the person’s name].” After you do this exercise, you can reach out to the person and ask their permission to send Reiki to them. If they refuse, you can still send Reiki to your relationship with this person.
  2. Hold the paper in one hand and draw the Distance Symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol and the Power Symbol on it with the other hand.
  3. Hold the paper between your hands and give it Reiki, intending that it go towards supporting the greatest possible outcome for everyone involved.
  4. Do this for ten to twenty minutes, or as little as five if that’s all you have.
  5. Repeat every day until the event takes place and/or the situation is resolved.

(If you don’t yet know the Reiki symbols, don’t worry! Just leave them out and send Reiki through your hands with a clear intention. It will still work just fine!)

By doing this, you’ll be building up a store of Reiki that will, when the time for the event comes, flow down all around you and everyone involved. This will help to support healing, bring success and the highest good.

If you’re giving the Reiki to an ongoing situation, you will be sending valuable healing energy towards supporting the perfect solution for all involved.

Step # 3: Let Go!

Now here’s a very important step: Let your attachment to the outcome go!

This is not to say that you might not need to take action steps to support the resolution of the situation – you may even have to do a bit of work!

But by giving the situation over to Reiki, you are trusting that the highest possible outcome will occur. And so you need to let your worry, fear and attachment to the situation go so that the energy can get to work on supporting an awesome outcome! That can be kind of hard when you’ve got your fear wrapped around it like a protective shell…So if you have to, you back to step one again, as often as you need to!

Some Unexpected Outcomes to Expect…

By using Reiki when you would otherwise become worried and feel disempowered and hopeless, you are changing an important pattern in your life. You are exchanging those less-than-helpful reactions and emotions for being empowered, proactive (instead of reactive) calm, peaceful and accepting. With repeated use, worry can become a thing of the past!

But What If I Don’t Practice Reiki Yet?

Well, lucky for you, you can begin using energy healing to help support you – right now – with this course.

In it, you’ll learn how to gather energy similar to that used in Reiki, to be used to support you in your desire to let go of worry. You’ll do this through learning how to create a Chi Ball.

So for step one above, you can put a Chi Ball into the area where you feel anxiety in your body. For step two above, you can make a Chi Ball and place it into the paper on which you’ve written the situation or event. Follow step three above in exactly the same way, trusting that Spirit and the Life Force Energy that you’ve infused into the situation will work to achieve your highest and greatest good. Intention is key here and is a very powerful component in this technique, whether you’re using Reiki or not.

Thanks so much for reading here today. I’m so happy that you’re ready to exchange fear and worry for love and peace. May Reiki guide you on your noble quest! wink And with Reiki on your side, you may be home before dinner!

So Reiki ON, my dear Reiki friends!

Wishing you peace and joy and many Reiki blessings,

Tarin Rataic, The Reiki Guide

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