4 Simple Ways to Increase the Life Force Energy in Your Food Using Reiki

4 Simple Ways to Increase the Life Force Energy in Your Food Using Reiki

Did you know that there are 4 simple ways to boost the life force energy of your food using Reiki?  It’s true!  When it comes to the food you eat, you actually have the power to make the good parts better and reduce or eliminate the not-so-good parts.  As the song says, “You’ve got to accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative.” I’m going to show you how.  But first, you might have a few questions…

Why Would I Want To Use Reiki to Boost My Food?

Do you ever feel like even though you’ve just eaten, you still feel unsatisfied? Or do you struggle with easily digesting your food or having enough energy? And while there are multiple reasons for these experiences, one possible reason is that your food is deficient in life force energy.

As a living being, you have life force energy flowing both through and around you. Life force energy, is also known as ChiKiPrana, TiHoly Spirit, or orgone. For simplicity, let’s stick to Ki from here on out. But know that all of these terms are referring to the same thing. Ki is the non-physical energy that gives life to all living things. How freely and strongly this Ki is flowing through you impacts your well-being and all aspects of your life.

In your body, Ki supports all of your organs and cells. So when your Ki levels are high, you experience good health. When the healthy flow of Ki is impeded in your body, there will be a lessened functioning in one or more of your organs or tissues.

Luckily, there are things you can do to raise your Ki back up to a high level where you will experience health and lots of energy. Receiving and practicing Reiki is one way that you can do this. This is because Reiki is a system of healing that supports your health by flooding your body with spiritually-guided life force energy. If you’re not yet familiar with what Reiki is, check this out.

What Does Ki Have to Do with Food?

You see, your food is more than just macronutrients, like protein, carbohydrates and fat, and micronutrients, like vitamins and minerals. In fact, one of the major sources from which you receive Ki into your entire being on a regular basis is through the foods that you eat!

So just like humans contain Ki, so does the food that you eat. And just like a person can have either high or low levels of Ki in their body, so can food. Everything you eat from a carrot that you pick out of your own garden to a cellophane wrapped Twinkie that you grab at the gas station, has come from a living source.

In general, organic, freshly picked fruits and vegetables have higher levels of Ki, whereas, more processed and refined foods (think “shelf stable” here), have lower levels of Ki. If you want to know more about the amount of Ki, or Prana, contained in certain foods, check out this U.S. News & World Report article.

Eating these foods that are high in Ki is going to give you a lot of energy and generally contribute to your health and well-being. But when you eat foods with low life force energy, the process of digesting of this food can actually take energy away from you. And since this food already contained low levels of life force energy to begin with, instead of feeling replenished after eating, you can end up feeling depleted.

Totally not the point of eating, right!?!

The first way to prevent this issue from happening is by being sure to make healthy and wise food choices. Luckily Reiki, and other energy healing skills, can help you to do this. But even after you’ve made the right food choices, there can still be a gap in between the amount of Ki that you are taking in from the food that you are eating and the amount that you need to feel your best. Grrr!

There are a lot of reasons that food, even foods that you would think are high quality and healthy, simply do not contain enough life force energy.

The Ki in your food is impacted by how it was grown, including through contamination with pesticides or being grown in an area with poor air quality.

Also, animal products can store the energies of the animal. This is especially true in the case of meat, which can contain the anger or the fear of the animal that was killed, which is just one of many reasons I do not advise consuming animal products.

The Ki in food is also affected by how the food was handled, including through rapid changes in conditions or climate, or by angry or irritated workers, all the way from those that picked the food to the server at the restaurant who places the cooked meal in front of you. Take just a second here to think about all of people between the origin of your food and you actually eating your meal.

The Ki in food is also impacted by how it was transported, especially if it takes weeks to reach your plate.

And lastly, it’s affected by how it’s cooked. Some people feel that any cooking destroys Ki, and that freezing food negatively impacts it for sure, and that microwaving food all but obliterates Ki.

But, just like the Ki in a human can be raised up from the low level of Ki that is present when they are experiencing an illness, back up to a healthy level of Ki that corresponds with health, the Ki in food can be raised back up to a high and healthy level when it is low, too.

You see, food is very efficient at storing Ki, which is why it is a major source of this vital energy to us. So even if its levels get low for any of the reasons we’ve discussed, because it’s designed to store Ki, it is also very easy to fill it back up with Ki when the levels get low. So when you use Reiki to clear the food you eat of any negative or detrimental energies and then use Reiki to charge the food by filling it back up with Ki, you are greatly enhancing the health of the food from where it previously was and boosting the amount of energy available for you to extract and use. This entire process is often referred to as blessing your food with Reiki. And it can transform the process of eating and digesting for you, as well as your overall energy levels.

So the only question that remains is what are you going to do with all of this extra energy? (Just kidding, I’m actually going to answer a few more questions now! ?)

But First, Some Small Caveats…

So using Reiki on your food will enrich it with positive Ki, in effect, enhancing the nutrition you receive. It can also eliminate or reduce negative effects from the food.

That being said, do not use this process in an effort to counteract likely or suspected food pathogens – there is no guarantee that you won’t still get food poisoning. When in doubt, do without! If you suspect that the food in question is spoiled, do not eat it – Reiki or no Reiki. Also, do not use this process to try to avoid a known food allergy – especially a life-threatening one!

And this technique will not magically make donuts the breakfast of champions. It enhances the beneficial qualities that are already present in a given food or drink. It will not make “junk” food healthy – sorry! cry

So choose the best food you can for you, then cleanse and charge it with Reiki. You really will end up eating something truly superior – yay!

As long as you maintain your use of common sense, Reiki makes a safe and beneficial addition to your diet and culinary endeavors!

Like I mentioned, there can be multiple reasons for experiencing digestive problems, as well as fatigue. And one possible reason is chronic digestive issues. So if you’re experiencing consistent or severe symptoms, it’s important to address the underlying cause of any of these experiences. And it is wonderful to use this Reiki food cleansing and charging method to support you while you work to heal any underlying digestive issues.

Are You Ready to Start Boosting the Ki of Your Food with Reiki Before You Eat?

There are actually multiple ways that you can use Reiki to boost the Ki in your foods and to create benefits for the health of you and your loved ones. Right from using it during the growing process, all the way through to giving Reiki to food that you’ve already eaten, you can make a positive impact on your health and wellbeing through your food.

1. Reiki For the At Home Gardener

If you grow your own vegetables and herbs, treat them with Reiki. Plants absolutely love Reiki and soak it up readily. You may just be surprised what your crops yield after regular doses of Reiki!


2. Using Reiki While Cooking and During Food Prep

During food preparation, you can place the food you’re working with in your hands or hold your hands around the food. Then, simply channel Reiki into the food both with deep gratitude for the blessing that it is and with the intention that all negative effects will be eliminated and all positive benefits will be increased.

If you have them, you can draw the Mental/Emotional symbol, followed by the Power symbol over the food. The Mental/Emotional symbol helps to eliminate any negative effects while the Power symbol works to boost the benefits and the Ki, or life force energy, of the food. So that’s why I suggest this order of using the symbols. You always want to reduce or eliminate the negative before you work to increase the overall energy.

This method of using Reiki with food is especially good if you are preparing a meal for your family. They will absolutely taste the difference!

I had a Reiki Teacher once who shared her own experience to demonstrate this point.

She and another Reiki Master/Teacher were hosting a gathering for other Reiki Master/Teachers. They had prepared a soup as a lunch beforehand. Then the two hosts decided to conduct a little experiment…

They decided to split the one large batch of soup they had made into 2 separate pots. One soup they cleared and charged with Reiki. The other soup, they did nothing to.

They didn’t tell the other Teachers what they had done. They simply placed both pots out for everyone to serve himself or herself from.

Despite the fact that the soups were obviously identical in both ingredients and preparation, they quickly and completely ran out of the soup that they had charged with Reiki. The other soup was nearly untouched. After they revealed what they had done, everyone had a great laugh.

You really can tell the difference between food that has been treated with Reiki and the same food that has not!

3. You Can Reiki Your Meal Before Eating

Probably the easiest and simplest option is to add Reiki to your food right before you eat. To do this, simply place your hands just above your plate. Channel Reiki with the intention of clearing any unbeneficial energy from the food. Once again, if you have them you can draw the Mental/Emotional symbol, followed by the Power symbol over the food.

Easy-peasy, right?


If you’re looking for something a bit more structured, this is the Reiki Blessing Prayer for Food that I use.

To begin with, I hold both hands over my food. I wait until I feel the Reiki begin to flow (usually a second or two). I draw the Mental/Emotional symbol, followed by the Power symbol over the food. But if you don’t have the symbols, that’s okay. You can still use this method. It’s your intention that holds the most power in the end, anyway! ?

Then I say, usually just mentally, but you could say this out loud:

“May this food be cleansed of any negative energies and effects and may the Ki and nutrition of this food be increased to its maximum potential.

I send a blessing to all those that worked hard so that I may be nourished by this food.

Thank you Mother Earth and thank you Father Sky for the blessing of these resources.”

I then sweep up and away any disharmonious energies that have been released. I use the same type of motions used during the Aura Sweep technique, only smaller, to do this. I then continue to hold my hands over the food and give Reiki until it feels done, usually 30-60 seconds, or even less. Then I gather my hands into prayer position, or Gassho, close my eyes and bow ever so slightly.

I then finish by saying, with my hands still clasped in prayer position, and my eyes closed, and my head slightly bowed:

“I honor my body, mind and spirit and ask that this nourishment be accepted into every level of my being. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

It may seem like a lot, but once you get into the habit, a meal will seem “naked” without it. You also don’t have to use the whole prayer. Take any bit, or bits, that speak to you. Or use this as a template to make up your own!

You could also involve any names for the Divine that are meaningful for you or nods to any special beliefs that you may hold.

I have crafted this particular prayer over years. And it has yielded unexpected and wonderful results for me…

4. Reiki: Your Best Bud When Dining Out

Clearing and charging food is especially useful if you are eating out and are unable to see the food as it is being prepared. Or, almost worse, if you are being served by someone in a negative mood, since the food can absorb the negativity of the wait staff, as well as the kitchen staff. And let’s face it, despite best efforts, who doesn’t sometimes have a bad day, especially in the high-pressure, fast-paced field of food prep.

If you don’t wish to attract too much attention by clearing your food out in the open when in public, you can simply place your hands under the table, pointed up at your meal.

Or you can just tell people you’re warming your hands over your food, if you don’t want to share what you are really doing. This is assuming, of course, that it’s a hot meal. I’m not sure that anyone will buy that explanation in the case of a bowl of sorbet!

I’ve done both ways in the past. It can depend upon your confidence in your beliefs and your Reiki practice, as well as your comfort with the people with whom you’re sharing the meal. Many people are actually very interested to hear about what you’re doing and the benefits you’re experiencing from using Reiki on your food, and in general.

As long as you keep any Reiki discussions to the personal benefits you or your family are receiving, most people are pretty receptive. It’s only when people start to feel that they’re being “evangelized” to, that they start to clam up. But shared correctly, you may just be the person that assists someone to find Reiki for himself or herself!

But there’s no pressure on you – just do what makes you feel comfortable. And Reiki that food!

My Reiki Blessing Prayer

“May this food be cleansed of any negative energies and effects and may the Ki and nutrition of this food be increased to its maximum potential.

I send a blessing to all those that worked hard so that I may be nourished by this food.

Thank you Mother Earth and thank you Father Sky for the blessing of these resources.

I honor my body, mind and spirit and ask that this nourishment be accepted into every level of my being.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

What If I Forget to Reiki My Food?

Even if you forget to cleanse and charge your food, you can simply place your hands on your stomach after eating.

This can also be a good habit to develop, even when you do remember to clear your food before eating it. And while it can be really soothing after any meal, it is especially helpful if you’ve over indulged!

This technique can assist with and improve your digestion process. You see, since the digestion of food takes more energy than any other bodily function, and the quicker and more easily the food is digested, the more energy is available to you for other activities.

Also, when food digests efficiently, versus it sitting in your digestive system too long and contributing to a toxin overload, you end up receiving more energy from the food than you otherwise would have. This way you are left feeling replenished from eating, as opposed to drained.

What If I Don’t Practice Reiki, Yet?

If you’re interested in using these techniques – right now – but don’t yet practice Reiki, here’s a couple of options for you to use:

  • Sign up for this course that shows you how to start using life force energy for healing – right now. You can place the Chi Ball that you learn how to make right into your food with the intention of clearing it of any negative energies and charging and filling it with Ki.
  • You can simply use your intention, and know that as you hold your hands over your food, you are cleansing it of any negative energies and charging and filling it with Ki.
  • You can also visualize white light coming out of your hands while intending that you are cleansing it of any negative energies and charging and filling it with Ki.

The Potential Impact of Reiki on Your Relationship with Food

I used to have a lot of issues with food and have previously experienced eating dis-orders. The part from the Reiki Blessing Prayer about “honoring my body, mind and spirit and accepting this nourishment into my being,” has actually been pivotal for me in moving on from those experiences.

Eating became less about an internal power struggle and an act of fear and guilt, and instead, I slowly came to embrace it as the affirmation of life that it was always meant to be.

So you see, you really are what you eat. And luckily, you have the power to fill yourself with even more life force energy than you would normally get. This can lead to an increase of your health and energy levels, by taking just a moment to Reiki your food.

So Reiki ON, my dear Reiki friends!

Wishing you happy munching and many Reiki blessings,

Tarin Rataic, The Reiki Guide

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