Do the Reiki Aura Sweep!

Do you practice Reiki? Do you finish (and begin) your Reiki sessions with Aura SweepingWell if not, you’ve got to try it! (If you already do, then yay! And tell me about your experiences in the comments below.)

You can do it both before a Reiki session and after. When you do it before a session, it’s sort of comparable to wetting your hair before you wash it. And when you do it at the end of a Reiki session, It’s sort of akin to rinsing your hair after shampooing. And you know from experience that these things give you way better results and fluffier hair!

Well, who wouldn’t want way better results from their Reiki sessions? And way fluffier clients! Wait, that last part doesn’t’ sound right…

 Sweeping Your Client’s Aura Before a Reiki Session

Before you start to give Reiki, you’re going to want to prep your client’s aura for the energy healing that is about to occur. You can do this with Aura Sweeping, which is exactly what it sounds like. It involves you sweeping your hands through your client’s aura or energy field. It takes about a minute to do and can make a world of difference in the effectiveness of your Reiki treatments.

When to Sweep Your Client’s Aura

I do this after setting my intention and right before the laying on of hands. I also do this at the beginning of distance Reiki sessions in which I use a surrogate for sending the healing.

What Does Aura Sweeping Do?

  • This process removes any superficial energy build-ups.
    • These are bits of negative energy that are just sort of hanging out in your client’s energy field.
      • By removing them now, you stop them from adhering to your client’s energy field and causing problems down the line.
      • And by getting rid of them before you begin the session, you don’t waste any of your session time or Reiki’s focus dealing with them.
  • It also brings harmony to your client’s aura, starting to bring in a lovely soothing and balancing energy.
  • Important: It helps to form a positive rapport between your client and you.
    • In does this in three ways:
      • By getting both of you energetically in sync.
      • By getting you tapped into their energy field.
      • And by helping your client to feel more at ease with you, their practitioner.

Preparing your client’s aura with aura sweeping also gives you an extra opportunity to feel their energy field and start to discover any spots that are going to need a little extra Reiki. So pay attention to your hands when you’re doing the preliminary aura sweep. Use your intuition and sense for any possible blockages or hot spots to that you’re going to want to focus on during the Reiki session.

Sweeping the aura is just one of those things that I love so much that it feels incomplete to do a treatment without it.

How to Sweep Your Client’s Aura Before a Session

  • Run your hands in your client’s aura about six inches above their body.
    • I prefer to keep my hands in the standard Reiki pose, i.e. ever so gently cupped with finger held together. But I have seen people do this with their fingers spread wide, kind of like they’re raking their client’s aura.
  • Move from their head right down to their feet in a slow, smooth motion.
  • Repeat this process at least three times. You can do it more if you feel that it’s needed. Use your Reiki-senses (sort of like spidey-senses, but way better) to determine this.

Now you would go forward with doing whatever your version of a full Reiki-treatment is, whether that’s standard hand positions, intuitively guided or a combo.

Finishing Up the Reiki Session with a Final Aura Sweep

I always complete the treatment by sweeping my client’s aura. I don’t generally like the word “always.” While I like to provide clear steps here as a great Reiki practice foundation for my readers, I don’t actually like rules. I think it’s great to learn the rules, because then you gain the knowledge, and ideally the wisdom and intuition, that you need to let you know when it’s okay to just throw the rules out the window. Sweeping the aura is one of those things that I have learned that I love so much that it feels incomplete to do a treatment without it.

Why Sweep Your Client’s Aura?

And what’s not to love? Finishing up with aura sweeping removes energetic debris that may have been released during the session. It’s like you’re giving the client an energetic clean slate. Doing the Reiki session loosened all sorts of un-harmonious “junk” and now you get to fling it away from your client. What a gift!

How to Sweep Your Client’s Aura

  • Sweep your client’s aura with your hands held a few inches above their body.
  • Move from over their crown chakra to down to their feet.
  • Make sure continue past their feet.
  • Now flick the energy away from both of you.
  • You can either use one long motion or series of smaller strokes to sweep the aura.
  • Repeat this sweeping process a total of three times.

Be sure to add some intention for some extra oomph:

  • While you’re doing this, visualize any negativity that you are removing being transmuted into light.
    • If you’d like to, you can visualize a violet flame on the floor just past the end of the Reiki table.
    • You can send the energetic debris that you are sweeping off of your client and right into the flame.
    • Know that as you do so, it is instantly transmuted.
  • Can also speak the following intention (silently to yourself): “I ask that any energetic debris that I remove be sent to the light, for the good of All. And so it is. Thank you.”

That’s it! Now you’d move on to sealing the session and giving thanks.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you’ve found some useful tips here. If you haven’t been sweeping your clients’ auras be sure to try it out and see if you feel a difference. Come back and tell me all about it in the comments below.

Have you already tried out these methods? How’d it go? I’d love to hear about it!

So Reiki ON, my dear Reiki friends!

Wishing you successful Reiki sessions and many Reiki blessings,

Tarin Rataic, The Reiki Guide

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