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I enjoyed that this course was self-paced, because I think that is a real advantage to taking a 1-2 day training. I have been Reiki I and II certified in a 2 day training, previously, and while it was amazing – I felt like I had to then self-teach afterward anyway. This program moves as fast or as slow as you need it to, and the information is amazing. It far exceeded my expectations of what I would learn and how it would grow my confidence as a practitioner…I appreciate the push to actually practice the skills with real case studies, as my previous certifications in Reiki did not do that.

Tanya R

I really enjoyed that the course was at my own pace. I am a pretty busy person so it was nice to do work on my own time. I also appreciate that you have manuals and video and a lot of resources to help us be successful. I also enjoyed learning Reiki in this format. I began this journey to heal myself but now I am happy to share Reiki with others.

Dr. G

I liked YOU, Tarin! You delivered all the information in such a clear and humble way. The depth of your experience is obvious…All of this has felt so magical.

I like the way you presented the information…I like how you invite your students to think for ourselves and explore the aspects of the practice that call to us.

I do feel very prepared to be a Reiki practitioner/healer…I am really looking forward to becoming a working professional Reiki practitioner and I am even rebranding my whole coaching business to highlight that I offer Reiki.

Erin W.

The layout of the course was very straightforward and allowed me to always understand what was asked of me in each module! I am more than prepared and excited to be of service thanks to Tarin’s awesome course!

Cassidy S.

To sum it up in one word, I’d choose “AMAZING”…My general AND intuitive understanding has broadened and deepened. Using the techniques Tarin taught me in my own self-healing is incredibly powerful and yielding results exponentially greater than what I expected. She’s an awesome teacher with her focus on the well-being and success of her students. I researched at least a dozen online courses…This course, and Tarin, are a million times more wonderful than I had imagined when I decided to take a leap of faith and register.

Jennifer P.

I really appreciated the step-by-step videos as well as the many worksheets that are easily adaptable to my own business.

Vicky M.

I appreciate how comprehensive and clear this course was and Tarin’s accessible teaching style. The whole suite of resources from the video lessons to the demo videos to the manual were immensely helpful. Tarin is an incredibly supportive, dedicated, and loving teacher and I can’t wait to take my next course with her!

Mary G.

Tarin was a very present instructor. She always answered my questions with professionalism and kindness. I can tell a difference in myself and cannot wait to share the healing I experienced here with others!

I feel more empowered to heal myself. I experienced a more in depth healing with this course. Preparing me to be a professional healer was the largest confidence boost I received from this course. Everything was so thorough. I feel like I am well on my way to fulfilling my purpose! I am excited about being a practitioner! I feel like it could be a reality sooner than I expected. I really enjoyed that there was so much information. The cost was reasonable and affordable. I looked forward to each module!


This course gave me a new and unexpected level of confidence in my ability to heal myself and support the healing of others. I feel like I am fully prepared to walk the path of a professional healer. I am very excited to begin my journey. The degree of detail, depth of explanation and breadth of knowledge provided in this course makes it the best healing course I have ever done. I have studied Reiki for many years, but this is the finest course I have experienced, whether in-person or remote. I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to mastering every aspect of it. This course has renewed my faith in the depth and power of Reiki as a complete method of total holistic healing.

Larry C.

First of all I just want to say that I have never been able to complete an online course, especially one that is self-paced. I found the videos engaging and so easy to listen to. If a video bores me, that’s when I find it really hard to motivate myself to continue, but I always finished the videos well before the end of the week and always had to wait for the next ones to be released! The videos were so in depth and I also loved having the manual. That will be with me as a reference guide for life!

Danielle R.

I feel like I can confidently support my clients in their healing journey, even more so than I had before this course….Best money I have spent on an online course.

Tanya W.

What I enjoyed most is the empowerment aspect, that we now have the ability, knowledge, the gift or attunement, as well as the tools to heal ourselves & others! The course exceeded all of my expectations! 🙂

Desiree M.

I loved the detail and care that was put into the lessons. Everything was carefully explained and the video demonstrations were helpful! I also love the FB group…it gives me the chance to ask all my questions, whenever I needed to. The knowledge & confidence this course gave me was worth every penny.

Thank you so much for offering this knowledge to the world, Tarin! I am so grateful for finding your courses. I am finally pursuing what I am called to do and this is just the beginning. It feels natural and is fulfilling (and amazingly fun.) Keep on sharing and teaching!

Amelia S.

There is so much information in this course and it is so well organized! I am not someone who learns things in a day or two of live training, as I need plenty of time to let the information integrate. I like that these trainings are self-paced so that each learner can pick and choose how much time is spent on each lesson. As a previously certified and practicing Reiki II Practitioner, I learned a lot of things that I actually did not know about Reiki. This may be a self-paced online course, but Tarin responds with kindness and respect to all questions in the FB group. The group is a great way to connect with other practitioners and even meet some practice clients if needed.

Tanya W.

I loved how everything was taught in great detail with explanation. Even though I took my own notes, it was extremely helpful to have all the downloads and videos that were provided. Also, I enjoyed the references for materials that I now often use and pass on. Thank you for this experience!

Danielle S.

I really enjoyed that there were User Manuals that went along with the videos. Other courses I have taken did not have a User Manual. I learn really well by using multiple methods such as videos and reading text. Having both helped me very much! I also loved how methodical the program was laid out. It was very organized and detailed. I feel very confident starting my own practice and using the methods I learned…Thank you!

Becky M.

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