How to Use Reiki for Space Clearing

How to Use Reiki for Space Clearing

Did you know that spaces, including your home, workspace, and even your car, can hold onto energies? And that whether these enegies are helpful or unhelpful can really effect the living beings, and interactions, that occur in the space?

It’s true. The energy in your space can impact everything from your mood to your relationships to your clarity of thought to your motivation, and more. 

The good news is that you’re not helpless to these energies. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth! We’re meant to be custodians of our spaces, lovingly tending to them and keep them clear and light. 

Plus, it’s super easy to do this – and the rewards are really worth it!

Let me show you how!

Why Would I Want to Clear a Space?

Have you ever gone into a home or room and just felt icky? This is because inharmonious energy was being held in this space. Conversely, have you ever gone into a home or room and just felt at such peace and immediately comfortable? This is because this room was holding on to harmonious energy, and had possibly been deliberately cleared and filled with love and light by the people who dwell there.

I say inharmonious here, because even though we as humans can experience this energy as “negative,” it’s not necessarily inherently negative. It simply doesn’t contribute to or support our energetic health. Others animal, especially cats, can experience energies in ways completely different to humans. So it’s all relative!

All spaces have the capacity to hold energy. And essentially all spaces do. Almost like people can be in either a “good” mood or a “bad” mood, so can places.

I’m sure you can relate to feeling like you’ve had a bad day where everything has gone wrong and you’ve gotten into a negative frame of mind, which has you walking around in a bad mood. Now hopefully, you are either using your Reiki practice or some other spiritual or meditation technique to both keep yourself aware of these energetic fluctuations and to help you in releasing any negative patterns that you get into, and instead bringing in positive, loving and healthy ones.

I’m sure you’ve also met people (or maybe you’re one of them) who aren’t that great at letting go of a bad mood and shifting their energy.

But you see, the point is, moods aren’t actually things that happen to us. They are created by how we react to the circumstances around us, coupled with personality tendencies that we carry inside of ourselves. Then we have a choice to either keep allowing and experiencing the mood, or letting it go and bringing in positive energies.

Spaces are essentially the same. There’s really no such thing as a bad space. It’s all comes down to first, what has happened in the space, and second, how what has happened in the space has been processed by the space and/or handled by the humans who are caretakers of the space. Just like people need to release the negative energy they’ve picked up, spaces need to have this same type of energy released, too.

So some spaces almost never hold onto inharmonious, or “negative” energies. For example, I’m pretty sure two people could have a pretty nasty argument next to a waterfall and the Earth herself and the negative ions from the running water would simply transmute, or convert, the inharmonious energies into harmless energies very quickly.

However, inside of a home or space with poor energy flow that has never, or rarely, has it’s space cleared, these inharmonious energies can build up really quickly and become stored in the space. Then when people enter the space, they can start to feel grumpy or anxious and go on to release even more negative energies which get stored by the space. And it becomes a vicious cycle! This is akin to a person who doesn’t work on themselves and it only takes a little bad thing happening to push them over the edge into a bad mood, which then attracts more negative things into their experience!

Luckily, just like a person who works on their spiritual development and learns how to release negative moods and cultivate positive ones, you can do the same for all of the spaces in your life. The easiest, simplest and most effective tool I’ve found for this is Reiki.

When you use Reiki to regularly clear your home, as well as the spaces that you work in and do Reiki in, you can make sure that they both don’t contribute to the releasing of negative energies by the people that enter these spaces and that they can handle a little bit of negativity that can easily be cleared.

Perhaps even more importantly, when you fill all of the spaces in your life with the love and light of Reiki, it can help to foster a sense of love and peace, as well as support your health, and the health of your loved ones, on every level.

What Types of Spaces Might I Need to Clear?

Your Home

I suggest that you clear every room in your home, as well as your house as whole, at least every quarter. Doing so on both of the equinoxes and both of the solstices can make a wonderful ritual.

We spend a lot of time in our homes and energetic hygiene is just as important as physical cleanliness. The same way that dust bunnies collect in corners, less than harmonious energy often collects in our homes from many sources.

Blessing a room, or all of the rooms in your home, will help everything you undertake in that room or your home to go more successfully. It will help all of the people who live there to get along better. And it will give everyone in the space a general sense of peace and calm. Ahhhh…(That’s what you’ll be saying after you clear your home! wink)

Additionally, at any point in time, it is good idea to bless any room in which you’ll be spending a significant amount of time, or in which you’ll be doing any sort of important activity.

It’s also a really good idea to clear the space in your office (either where you locally work, or the entire space), as well as your car. This is a great way to clear out any inharmonious energies that may be lingering from business or traffic related stresses. It also helps to ensure that you have a pleasant time at work and while driving in the future.

So some other examples of spaces that it is really important to clear include:

Anywhere That People Have Released Negative Energy

Has a fight or disagreement recently occurred in the room in question?

Even if you’re not sure, you know that all-too-familiar experience of walking into a room and feeling like you could “cut the tension with a knife.” This is because when people have a fight, they release negative energies from their auras. But even after the fight has ended, and even if the disagreement was resolved in the end, these toxic energies can still linger in the space. This can lead to the people that come into the room feeling tense, stressed, anxious, “not quite right,” or even angry. When that happens, the chance of another misunderstanding or disagreement occurring is much higher than it would normally be.

Also, be sure to clear the space any time that any other type of stressful event has taken place.

Wherever the Energy is Stagnant

Do you have a vacation home that gets boarded up for months at a time? Then clear the each of the rooms shortly after arriving.

Is there an area of your home where you don’t often go or where the air doesn’t move so well? You can tell if it’s an area like this by the prevalence of all the dust bunnies, as though all of the other air in the home blows into that room and then just stops there. Because they impact the energetic health of the entire home, spaces like this should be cleared regularly, even if you’re not planning to use them. And if you’re planning on spending some time in one of these spaces, then clear it first.

Hotel Rooms

Hotels, motels and rented lodging are often overlooked spaces that you would benefit from clearing. Usually, you’re just focused on beginning your vacation, but taking just a few minutes to clear your room or space can make a big difference in how your energy body, and thus your physical body, is able to adjust to being away from home.

Because hotel rooms serve as a constantly changing dwelling for a multitude of people, they can contain a lot of unfamiliar energies that have been released by these guests. And since while you are sleeping, you are very open energetically, it just makes good sense to clear the space after you check in. That way you can just focus on enjoying your stay!

Any Room That is Going to Be Used for Giving or Teaching Reiki (or for any other important event, for that matter)

Last, but certainly not least, clear any area where any type of Reiki activity is going to be taking place, including Reiki sessions and Reiki classes.

It’s a good idea to do this even if this is a familiar space in which you are used to giving Reiki, such as your regular healing space or office.

So, during a Reiki session, you only share the Divinely Guided Life Force Energy, which can cause no harm and always ensures the highest good. However, the recipient’s energy field opens up significantly while receiving Reiki. For this reason, from an energetic hygiene perspective, it is both wise and respectful to energetically clean the space (as well as your own person) before beginning a session with your client.

So this is something that you’re going to want to do every time you give a session. It’s considered part of preparing the treatment area, just like setting up the Reiki table, changing the sheets on it, adjusting the temperature and airing the room out, etc.

If you’re giving multiple sessions in a day, you can take your time clearing the room first thing, and then also do it between each client, although the subsequent times probably won’t take as long unless you had a client that released a lot of inharmonious energy. But just like changing the sheets, you want to give each client a blank slate when they come for a session, so don’t skimp on this process!

Additionally, be sure to clear the entire space after your last client of the day.

Also, clear any space in which you will be teaching Reiki. Luckily, your Reiki students can usually help you with this!

So How Do I Clear A Space?

Are you ready to go clear a room, or better yet, all of the rooms of your home? So there are a lot of ways to do this. And here is just one super easy and very effective method that doesn’t require any tools except your intention.

Let’s begin!

Step 1:

Sit in the center of the room. First, draw the Reiki Power symbol on each of your palms.

Clap your hands together three times saying the sacred mantra silently to yourself with each clap.

Second, draw the Reiki Mental/Emotional symbol on each of your palms.

Clap your hands together three times saying the sacred mantra silently to yourself with each clap.

If you don’t yet have use of the Reiki symbols, then just intend to activate the Reiki flow.

Next, place one hand on your heart chakra and the other hand over your solar plexus chakra until you can feel the Reiki flowing strongly, usually for anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes.

If you don’t yet practice Reiki, that’s okay. Instead, close your eyes and visualize white light at each of the steps, Intend that the space will be cleared of any negative energy, and that it be filled with positive energy and love and light. You can also check out my FREE course where you learn how to do energy healing. In this ecourse, you with learn how to make a Chi Ball, which you can then imagine expanding into the entire space, and clearing it of anything inharmonious, while also filling it with love and light.

Step 2:

Pick one of the walls of the room with which you would like to begin. Then visualize a large Mental/Emotional symbol, followed by a large Power symbol, on it.

Or you can draw, using your hand, a large Mental/Emotional symbol, followed by a large Power symbol, on the wall in light.

Now, aim your palms at the wall and say to yourself, or outloud, “I ask that Reiki clear this space of any negative energies, entities or vibrations. May this room be filled with the love and light of Reiki.”

Now, with your hands still aimed at the wall, send Reiki to the wall for about 30 seconds to one minute, or until it feels done. You’ll know.

If you don’t like the statement I suggested, feel free to find one about clearing the space that resonates with you and then say it with clear intention, because that’s what really counts here.

Next, repeat this process with each of the other walls, followed by the ceiling and then the floor.

Step 3:

Once you have sent Reiki to the six surfaces of the room, then draw in light with your hand, or visualize, a large Mental/Emotional symbol, followed by a large Power symbol, in the center of the room.

Once again, repeat your clearing intention.

Continue to channel Reiki into the entire space while visualizing the room filling up completely with the love and light of Reiki. You can do this for up to ten minutes, or until the space feels clear and light to you.

How to Clear Your Entire Home

Now if your want to clear your entire home, just clear each individual room in the house by following the steps above.

Then, once the interior of the house is cleared, do the same steps for clearing a room, but for the whole home by focusing on each side of the house, and the roof and foundation, instead of walls, ceiling and floor of a room.

Lastly, visualize a large Mental/Emotional symbol, followed by a large Power symbol, going all the way around the outside of the home and the yard, clearing the entire space.

Congratulations, you have just transformed your home into a sacred space!

Thanks so much for reading. I’m so glad you’re ready to create your own peaceful, loving spaces. The more each of us do this throughout the planet, the more peace and love flows around us all.

So Reiki ON, my dear Reiki friends!

Wishing you peace and love and many Reiki blessings,

Tarin Rataic, The Reiki Guide


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