Weekly Energy Reading 2/12/20 - 2/18/20

Weekly Energy Reading 2/11/20 - 2/18/20

You’ve been feeling kind of helpless and lost lately, and even powerless

The angels want to remind you that you were put here as an Earth Angel to do big things and be of service in vital ways. The way you’re going to do that is through being an entrepreneur and running your own business

This is something that so many Earth Angels and lightworkers have in common. And it can bring up a lot of fear as so many of us struggle with adjusting to this plane and the exchange of physical currency in order to survive. 

So the angels want to remind you that now is a good time to release your money blocks and fears

Make sure you’re viewing money as energy. It’s no different than the air you breathe or the food you eat. Let it flow through you. 

And be sure to call on Archangel Michael to help you release your money fears. See him cutting cords of attachment to old patterns and beliefs. Breath out any heavy or dark energy. 

Then call on Archangel Raphael and ask him to fill your entire being with his emerald green light. See that light as an abundant, money-based light. Feel yourself being magnetized to money so that all the money you need flows into your life through the perfect set of circumstances for you. 

Along these same lines, the angels want you to start breaking out of old habits and patterns that have you stuck in a mode of complacency. 

Be willing to look at your usual way of reacting and being and see where you can make room for something new and allow for growth

Your soul needs this right now as you’re going to be called to do more and more new things and push your boundaries. So think of this as stretching so that you can accommodate more growth and the blessings it brings into your life

Commit to doing one new thing each week. Take advantage of one opportunity. Put yourself out there in a way you normally wouldn’t, but have wished you could. 

This isn’t about torturing yourself. It’s about expanding. So go out when you might have normally stayed in. Eat some different flavors. Listen to new music. Read a different kind of book. React to a situation in a new and improved way. Surprise yourself! And do whatever new is meaningful to you!

The angels are right there with you. Know that as you stretch these boundaries, the angels are prepared to usher in new, vibrant, even lucrative opportunities as you can handle them until your life is expanded to one of joy and abundance

As you’re doing this work, and healing blocks, stretching your boundaries, and putting yourself out there, now is a great time to start that project you’ve been wanting to or complete that project that you have been working on

This passion project of yours is a channeling from Spirit. Completing it is the ultimate act of service, which so often leads to big abundance. So see it through right now and know that it’s going to bring golden blessings into the lives of those that it’s created to benefit as well as into your own life.

So take steps every day to complete your project. Set clear goals. Utilize your time well. Stay focused. Put your heart and soul into it. What you do is so needed and benefits us all!

You’ve really got this! And the angels have your back! They love you, are so proud of you, and grateful for you!

With love and angel blessings, 

Tarin Rataic, The Reiki Guide

Want to learn about energy healing?

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Want to Learn About Energy Healing?

Click the link below to get FREE instant access to my Energy Healing 101 course where you will learn how to harness Life Force Energy. PLUS you’ll also be signed up to receive my weekly newsletter full of inspiring, empowering and useful healing tips and info.

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