Weekly Energy Reading 4/29/20 - 5/5/20

Weekly Energy Reading 4/29/20 - 5/5/20

If you’re struggling right now with feeling discouraged, the angels want to encourage you to connect with the children in your life. Watch them play, engage them in real conversation, and listen to their unique thoughts and perspectives. Teach them something fun or useful, and more importantly, let them teach you

So many children are so connected to their spiritual nature. They haven’t forgotten the truth or learned to filter the magic from this world. They have a genuine experience of fairies and angels. They might even remember their past lives. 

Just because they’re young doesn’t mean they don’t have gifts and wisdom to share. So as a lightworker, decide to be a loving custodian of the newest generation. Seek to protect and nurture their magic. 

If you have your own children, now’s a great time to go do a fairy walk. Pick up trash in an area. Bring some small snacks or gifts for the fairies. They really enjoy chocolate and small crystals, or anything shiny. 

And invite the fairies to come and visit you and infuse you and your kids with their energy. Even take some pictures and see if you can capture some fairy orbs on your camera! If you’ve been feeling stressed at home with your kids this could be a great way to change your perspective on things. 

And if you don’t have kids in your house, it’s a great time to connect via distance with some of the children in your world. Plan a fun activity to do together over Skype. 

Children need the adults of this world to hold the light of positivity and safety for them now more than ever. So connect and reach out, providing a great distraction and energy boost for you both. 

Or, if you want to be of service in an even bigger way, put together an online class or experience for kids. Now’s the perfect time for such an endeavor!

Once you’ve connected with the energy of children, it’s a great time to connect with animals. So if you have animals in your life, now is the perfect time to snuggle them and go play outside

And if you don’t have animals – or even if you do – go take a gentle walk in nature and connect with the wildlife all around

Once again, ask the fairies to be with you. Pick up trash, pack a snack for yourself and the fairies, and ask to be guided to the animal energies you most need to experience right now

If you do come across any animals, you can respectfully offer them Reiki or energy healing, being sure to honor their free will. And you can also share some of that same energy with the Earth

Even though things in our society can seem strange right now, our Earth is doing better than she has in some time. First and foremost, you are a beloved member of this planetary family with so much value and so many gifts to share

Taking some time to connect with just how connected we all are is exactly what your soul needs right now!

This is also the perfect time to be releasing anger and unforgiveness. In fact, it may be the single biggest factor in making sure that you’re moving on to a loving, elevated timeline of Earth. 

We get to choose what timeline we want to live in. And if all that’s been happening recently just isn’t resonating with you, you can focus on love and raising your vibration in order to create a new upgraded version of Earth where we’re moving towards peace and harmony

The first step in that is being willing to shed your anger and unforgiveness, like a reptile shedding its old skin. You’ve no need for that pain in this new world. 

But please be gentle with yourself. You don’t need to be perfect to contribute to this planetary healing or participate in this timeline. Making a choice that you want to be in peace and love above all else, putting in the effort where you can, and then making that same choice, again and again, is all you need

Healing is a journey. The most important thing is deciding to walk it and then keeping walking it. 

So the first place to start with releasing this anger and unforgiveness is with yourself. See yourself as a small child. Now think about all of the anger and disappointment you hold towards yourself. Think about all of the unkind things you think and even say about yourself. 

Now imagine saying and thinking those things to and about that small child. Pretty hard, right?!

Well, you are that child. A child of the Divine. You don’t deserve harshness. You deserve love and compassion

Once you can hold yourself in love and compassion, you can do the same for others

See anyone with whom you’re angry as a small child. Remember that that’s their true nature. Extend the same love and compassion to them that you did to your child self. 

Now, if this person is currently in a toxic or abusive state, please remember that you don’t need to allow someone into your life in order to release your anger towards them or to forgive them.  

That’s simply for your own healing and to raise the vibration of this planet. If it leads to better relationships with healthy people, that’s great. If not, you’ll be lighter, freer, and vibrating in more love no matter what. 

So commit to letting go of the destructive emotions that no longer serve you. Walk the path step by step, starting with yourself, and call on the angels any time you’re unsure of where to go next. 

You are so loved. You are never alone. You can go amazing, incredible places in this life if you’re willing to keep choosing to do so. 

You’ve got this!

With love and angel blessings, 

Tarin Rataic, The Reiki Guide

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Want to Learn About Energy Healing?

Click the link below to get FREE instant access to my Energy Healing 101 course where you will learn how to harness Life Force Energy. PLUS you’ll also be signed up to receive my weekly newsletter full of inspiring, empowering and useful healing tips and info.

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