How to Work with the Power of Fox Spirit Energy

How to Work with the Power of Fox Spirit Energy

Have you been seeing foxes lately? Whether you’re seeing these beautiful creatures in nature, online or in the media, or even on clothing and novelty items, do you feel like Fox Energy is trying to reach you? Then it may be a good time to connect with this clever, resourceful, adaptable energy.

A Brief Introduction to Spirit Animal Energy

Working with Spirit Animal Energy, sometimes referred to as Spirit Animal Medicine, can be a very powerful experience.

One of the ways in which I do this is by watching the animals that come into my life and seeing the messages that they carry for me.

The other way that I work with the energy of animals is when I am feeling lost, I call upon the energy of an animal that I am familiar with who possesses the quality that I need at that moment and ask for their help, support and energy. It is always up to them whether or not they will offer their support to me.

Perhaps you’ve heard that we all have Totem or Power Animals and I have found that to be true. Often, we have more than one that corresponds to the different levels of our consciousness or aspects of ourselves. Many of us have one Power Animal that stays with us for life. Some of the other Power Animals will change over time.

These are just my experiences and the experiences of people that I have worked with. I find the concept of Power Animals to be very personal and I respect all methods of working with them. If it feels right to you, then go with it.

For more detailed information about Spirit Animal Energy, please see my blog post: How to Work with Spirit Animal Energy

What Are the Qualities of Fox Spirit Energy?

The main qualities of Fox Spirit Energy are:

  • Feminine energy
  • Magic
  • Resourcefulness
  • Cleverness
  • Cunningness, as needed
  • Shapeshifting
  • Growth
  • Creativity
  • Sexuality
  • Charming
  • Invisibility and camouflage
  • Always very adaptable
  • Survival

If any of these qualities hold energy that you desire or that speak to you, then it’s a great time to connect with Fox Energy.

My Personal Experience with Fox Spirit Energy

The Fox is my main Power Animal. It has taken me a lot of time to move past the negative associations of the Fox (think “sly as a fox”). But I have now fully embraced the resourcefulness and intelligence that this animal represents. As I have accepted Fox energy into my life, I have accepted myself more, and vice versa.

For many years, my family was blessed with having a fox family live on the hill about 40 feet from our back deck. These were the years when I needed Fox Energy the most.

We have watched them raise their kits, and watched those kits tumble and play and wrestle down the hill. We have watched both mother and father carry dinner home at dawn. I have such respect for the Fox. They really are beautiful, remarkable creatures.

They had to move their den after some flooding. While they may have moved on, they are never far. The adolescents frequently come back and hang out in our yard, or we bump into them or the parents on our walks in the woods.

And when I need to tap into my own creativity, or I need to remember how clever I am, that I’m a true survivor, that’s when a bright orange flash often catches my eye.

It always amazes me how the animals of this world offer up their energy, their medicine, for our own healing. I am so very grateful.

We have watched them raise their kits, and watched those kits tumble and play and wrestle down the hill. We have watched both mother and father carry dinner home at dawn. I have such respect for the Fox.

What Are the Benefits That I Can Expect From Working with Fox Spirit Energy?

Are you seeing that the Fox is coming into your life a lot recently? They may be carrying a message for you.

 Are you feeling stuck or dull?

 Is there a problem that needs to be solved?

 Is it time to get clever?

Maybe you need to think out of the box. If you’ve been stuck in your ways, being adaptable could create the shift you need. Be willing to put yourself out there, but have a plan in place to get back out. Working on feeling in control of your own visibility, i.e., the art of camouflage, can help you to feel safe and in control. And sometimes the little extra bit of confidence that creates, is enough to let your most clever self shine!

Fox Spirit Energy can help you with these things. It can help to attune you to a frequency of energy that brings balance to an apparent weakness that may in your own energy system. You’ll be tapping into and utilizing qualities that you may “lack” or desire.

Think of it as a yin and yang type of situation. Let’s say you have an issue in your life where cleverness and resourcefulness are needed, but you’re having a challenging time accessing your own stores of these energies. So Fox Energy comes into your experience to help create balance in nature – and ultimately, to help you get where you’d like to go in your life.

Connecting with this energy can also be very healing. As you tap into the Fox Energy, you may have the opportunity heal any blocks to adopting these qualities, actually gaining them as your own. It can be a real chance for growth and evolution.

Do you feel that you need some of the qualities and energy that Fox Energy has to offer? Then reach out and ask for help.

How Do I Work with Fox Spirit Energy?

While there are several ways to do this, here’s one simple way:

  • Center yourself. Relax your body, exhale any negative emotions and let your thoughts go.
  • Call on the Fox Spirit Energy and ask it to come into your energy now.
  • Ask for help with the specific issue that you want support with or just to experience the Fox Spirit Energy.
  • Stay with the energy for as long as you need and be sure to listen for any guidance that the Fox Spirit has to offer to you.
  • If you have a special event coming up that you would like support with, you could ask the Fox Energy to remain with you until it’s over.

You may just be surprised with the energy that comes back to you. Spirit Animal Energy is amazing at lending you the abilities you need to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Once again, for more detailed information about connecting with Spirit Animal Energy, check out my comprehensive blog post on the topic: How to Work with Spirit Animal Energy

Always be both respectful and grateful. Please be sure to find a way to give back to Fox Energy, Mother Earth and Father Sun for the blessings and assistance that you receive. Remember, always keep a balance of energy!

Wishing you peace and joy and many Reiki blessings,

Tarin Rataic, The Reiki Guide

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