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Everything you need to have the life you want + deserve is within you – right now.

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4 Simple Ways to Increase the Life Force Energy in Your Food Using Reiki

Did you know that there are 4 simple ways to boost the life force energy of your food using Reiki?  It’s true!  When it comes to the food you eat, you actually have the power to make the good parts better and reduce or eliminate the not-so-good parts.  As the song...

How to Use Reiki for Space Clearing

Did you know that spaces, including your home, workspace, and even your car, can hold onto energies? And that whether these enegies are helpful or unhelpful can really effect the living beings, and interactions, that occur in the space? It's true. The energy in your...

How to Do Gassho Meditation

Are you looking for an easy-peasy meditation to try out? Do you want to experience more focus and clarity in your everyday life while at the same time strengthening your Reiki practice and becoming more attuned to the very essence of Reiki? Well then you’ve come to...

How to Use Reiki to Soothe Anxiety and Relieve Worry in 3 Simple Steps

Did you know that perhaps one of the most common uses of Reiki is to help soothe anxiety and relieve worry?Reiki: The Antidote for Worry and Anxiety Many people who find themselves in the world of Reiki, whether on the practitioner end or the client end, are very...

Do the Reiki Aura Sweep!

Do you practice Reiki? Do you finish (and begin) your Reiki sessions with Aura Sweeping? Well if not, you’ve got to try it! (If you already do, then yay! And tell me about your experiences in the comments below.) You can do it both before a Reiki session and after....

How to Cleanse Your Energy with Water and Salt

Did you know that when you combine water and salt, you unlock some serious energy cleansing power? You can use this magical mix to cleanse your aura. It’s super-easy, very effective and will leave you feeling oh-so-good... What is the Aura? Every living being is...

How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Do you just love crystals? And do you enjoy using those crystals for healing? (I know I do!) Did you know that a really important part of being a great guardian of your sparkly crystal friends is keeping them energetically clear? It’s true! In fact, effectively...

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Are Distance Reiki Attunements Effective? – Part 2

Where we left off was discussing the important question: “Are distance Reiki attunements effective?” If you missed that, here's a link to that blog and my answer to that question: Are Distance Reiki Attunements Effective? - Part 1 SPOILER ALERT: Yes, distance Reiki...

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Are Distance Reiki Attunements Effective? – Part 1

It’s a question I hear time and again, “Are distance Reiki attunements effective?” There are people firmly on both sides of this important question. So what is the truth? And who gets to decide?What is a Reiki Attunement? Reiki is not learned the way that we are used...

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