How to Clear Your Energy: 2 Simple Steps

How to Clear Your Energy: 2 Simple Steps

Do you struggle with keeping your energy clear? Do you often pick up on the energy of those around you? And then do you find it hard to shake those…icky feelings?

If so, you’re not alone!

I’ve got two super simple energy clearing methods to get you feeling empowered to handle anyone’s energy!

Keep reading to find out how quick and easy it can be to make clearing your energy a daily practice. And discover some of the benefits you can expect!

Is It Normal to Pick Up Other People’s Energy?

So many people with a healer’s soul have a really hard time keeping their energy clear and their vibrations nice and high. That’s because most healers are empathic to some (or to a great) degree. That means: We pick up, store, and take on as our own, the thoughts, feelings, and energies of the people around us and the places we’re in.

When this energy that we pick up is inharmonious, or negative, it can leave us feeling really crummy. We may feel tired, anxious, stressed, angry or sad because we’ve picked up on the energy of another person or place.

To be honest, I used to have a tough time with that, too.

For a long time, I thought that was just part of being a sensitive, empathic healer. I mean, you’re here to be a force of love and light, so maybe that just comes with feeling like a leaf on the wind, at the whim of the people and energies around you?

Turns out, that’s not the case at all. The reality is, you have every right to keep your energy clear and healthy. In fact, I might argue that it’s part of your purpose to learn how to do just that!

What Are the Benefits of Clearing Your Energy?

Perhaps the most impactful thing you can do for your energy and for your healing practice is to clear your energy.

By keeping your energy clear you’ll experience some really valuable benefits!

Such as:

  • Being able to share more powerful energy healing sessions with others
  • Feeling more energetic
  • Feeling calmer and clearer in your mind
  • Experiencing less anxiety in social situations because your know you can clear the energy afterwards 
  • Avoiding experiencing “healer’s burnout”
  • Keeping your vibration high, which will make fulfilling your life purpose easier and more joyful
  • Connecting with your own intuition more easily and strongly
  • Receiving Divine guidance more easily

When Should You Clear Your Energy?

The good news is there’s really no wrong time to clear your energy. And for the most part, you can’t do it too much. 

I say most part because you wouldn’t want to encourage a “negative energy” phobia and be clearing your energy obsessively. There’s no need for that! 

As I said, I do suggest you do this once or twice a day, no matter what 

But other times you may want to do it include:

  • When you’re feeling bogged down and tired
  • When you’ve been around someone who’s sharing negativity 
  • When you’ve visited a place where an argument occurred
  • After tense encounters
  • When you have an argument or disagreement with someone
  • After being at a gathering or in a crowd
  • When you feel tense, anxious, angry (Yup, you can use it to clear energy you’re putting out, too)
The reality is, you have every right to keep your energy clear and healthy.

How to Clear Your Energy 

Now let’s learn two super quick ways to clear your energy. You can start using these methods in the next few minutes!

Use either of these methods once or twice a day. Feel free to mix and match them! 

It shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. And it actually feels so good and refreshing!

Energy Clearing Method #1: Sweep Away the Gunk

To sweep your aura:

  • Hold your hands a few inches away from your body in your aura
  • Run your hands from over the top of your head down to your feet
  • After you get to your feet, flick the energy away from you
  • Repeat this sweeping process a total of three times
  • While you’re doing this, visualize any negativity that you are removing being transmuted into light

Energy Clearing Method #2: Visualize It Clear

To use visualization to clear your energy:

  • Visualize a white or golden light swirling through your aura and clearing your energy of anything less than harmonious

Easy peasy, right?

Now, get to clearing your energy already! Okay? 😉

How Do I Make My Results Even Better?

Want to increase your results and get a lovely little energy boost from the process?

Add Reiki or energy healing!

To do this, activate the energy in whatever way you’re used to doing so. Then, sweep your hands over your aura with the energy flowing. Or, hold one energy flowing hand over your heart and the other over your solar plexus. Be sure to deeply breathe that energy in!

Want to learn more about Reiki? Just head through here.

And if you don’t practice energy healing, you can get started for FREE with this course.

What If I Need More Energy Clearing?

If you’re dealing with some more intense energies and feel like you need to really “clean the slate,” you may want to use water and salt to cleanse your energy

Here’s another blog post that will show you exactly how to do this: How to Cleanse Your Energy with Water and Salt

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about energy clearing and why and how to start straight away. Start practicing energy clearing today and expect some really great benefits!

Wishing you excellent energetic health,

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