How to Use Reiki When Meeting or Greeting Someone

How to Use Reiki When Meeting or Greeting Someone

Everybody and every culture has their favorite way to say hello when meeting someone new or greeting an old friend or family member. Whether it’s…

  • The bows favored in East Asia
  • The kisses on the cheek loved by many European countries
  • The handshakes or hugs used by Americans and others
  • Or, the hand grasp, fist bump, back pat of bro culture…😉

Everyone has a greeting style.

But have you ever thought about taking your greeting to another level – of energy?

It’s easier than you think to share peace, love, healing, and a little bit of your spirit with everyone you meet. Bonus: It’s a fun and wonderful way to spread joy and happiness!

Why Would I Want to Use Reiki When Meeting or Greeting Someone?

When we tap into Reiki, or energy healing in general, we are connecting to Source Energy and our higher self. This is our True Self, and the purest expression of our Divine self. 

It feels good to be connected to this part of us! It brings a sense of love, peace, and safety that can be missing from so many of our daily lives. 

When we are connected to Reiki or Source energy we are filled with and radiate Divine love. Everyone that we encounter is blessed with healing energy, if they so choose. (Remember, Reiki doesn’t force itself on anyone. 😉)

By choosing to connect with or share Reiki or Source Energy we’re elevating the energy of our exchange with the person we’re meeting. We’re showing them unconditional love and respect. We’re allowing the Buddha or Christ in ourselves to bow to the Buddha or Christ in this other person. And by doing so, we’re allowing them to see our higher selves and acknowledging their own higher self. 

It’s a really beautiful way to elevate the mundane into something sacred! And really, what is more sacred than the opportunity to meet a new soul and expand our circle or to reconnect with a soul we’ve known and cherished for years!

The Practical Benefits of Using Reiki When Meeting Someone 

From a practical point of view, here are some of the other benefits of adding Reiki to your interactions:

  • It can diffuse anxiety and tension – whether your own or the other person’s
  • It can help you both to relax and have a better time – faster
  • It can help you to forge a truly genuine connection 
  • It can be protective if this other person is, shall we say, less than positive
  • It spreads love and peace, elevating the exchange or entire gathering 

It just feels good!

It’s a really beautiful way to elevate the mundane into something sacred!

How to Use Reiki When Meeting or Greeting Someone

If You Can, Take the Steps to Prep

If you know you’re going to be going to a gathering or meeting someone, you can take this extra step to set your intention beforehand:

Before you get to or begin a gathering or know that you’re going to meet someone, take a few minutes to breathe deeply and share Reiki with yourself. One hand on your heart and the other on your solar plexus is a good place to start. 

Really get the energy flowing through you!

Then, set the intention to spread love and peace in all of your exchanges today. 

Now, if you don’t know you’ll be meeting someone, or don’t have time to do this, or just forget, don’t worry. Simply set the intention in the moment to share love and peace with this person by mentally saying that to yourself and feeling it in your heart.

The 3 Steps to Using Reiki When You Meet Someone 

When it comes time to meet someone, you’re going to draw energy into and radiate energy through your body. To do this:

  1. As you breathe in, see, feel, imagine, intend that Reiki or Source Energy is flowing through your crown chakra and flowing all the way down your body, at least to your root chakra. 
  2. As you breathe out, imagine or intend that you’re breathing that energy out through your entire body or your hands
  3. Intend that this energy blesses the person with whom you’re sharing it for their highest and greatest good, in accordance with their free will. 

That’s it! 

Now some tips…

Bonus Tips to Make Your Reiki-fied Meet and Greet Go Smoothly 

These breaths should be of a normal depth and pace. You don’t want to be taking some enormous slow breaths and closing your eyes while someone is waiting to shake your hand. That’s not going to make the best impression! (Though imagine if we lived in a world where it was “normal” to get centered and connected to Source before interacting with someone…) 

That means if you’re not used to drawing in energy in a quick and casual way, you may want to practice it beforehand. So try it out with your loved ones in your daily life or before saying hello to your animal companions. And don’t be afraid to try it out in the mirror and share some love and energy with yourself!

Once you’ve gotten good at doing this, it should be a quick and seamless process.

You can also direct the energy where to flow on your out breath if you’d like. So if you’re going to be shaking hands, flow the energy out of your hand. If you’re going to give a kiss, flow it out of your mouth. If you’re going to hug or bow, flow it out of your heart. 

Lastly, if you practice Reiki, you can mentally repeat the mantra for the Power Symbol (at least three times) while doing this to add some extra oomph to your greeting and blessing!

But What if I Don’t Practice Reiki or Energy Healing?

If you don’t yet practice Reiki and would like to learn more about welcoming this amazing, lifelong skill into your life, check this out.

And if you’d like more help learning how to get energy flowing to do this practice more easily, check out my FREE course here.

May all of your interactions be blessed with the unconditional love of Source!

With love,

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