Finding My Path: My Reiki Healing Story - Part 2

Finding My Path: My Reiki Healing Story - Part 2

So where we left off, I had gotten sick – really sick. (In case you missed Part One of my healing story, you can check it out here: Finding My Path: My Reiki Healing Story – Part 1)

It was then that I decided to ask for help from a Higher Power. And help is exactly what I got…

Letting Go…

A spiritual teacher once shared with me that water doesn’t try to go up the mountain or break the boulders apart that lie in its path. It flows down hill, on the path of least resistance, simply washing over everything in its way.

I had gotten so weak from fighting against the current of my life and illness, that I let go.

I thought I would drown.

But I found strength and I asked for help and guidance from the wisdom of the Universe, the wisdom of my higher self, like I had done as a teenager. I let myself fall back into the current and I realized that when I stopped fighting, I could actually float in the flow.

Asking for Help

It was at this point, that one day I finally asked for help from the Divine.

I went to sleep that night hoping to be shown the answer. And I was.

Remarkably, the answer that I sought to help me get better had been with me all along.

In my dream that night, I remember clearly being told to go learn more about Reiki and fully use it to heal myself. And so I did just that.

Finding Reiki…Again

I had originally learned Reiki when I was just a teenager and was already a Level II Practitioner. I did use Reiki all the time – on others.

With family, animals and friends I was always there with a “Reiki hand” or two. But self-practice was not a big part of my previous Reiki training. Beyond giving myself Reiki for the first 30 days after an attunement, I was told that “giving yourself Reiki is kind of like trying to tickle yourself – not very effective.”

Luckily, with my dream, I was guided to seek out Reiki Master training and use it to heal myself. I was able to find a wonderful, credible online course and teacher, which was important considering I was housebound, and I completed the Reiki Master training. (I have since gone on to train with multiple other Reiki teachers, both in-person and via a distance.)

Most importantly I learned that doing self-Reiki is incredibly effective! In fact, it’s the most important thing I do every day.

Water doesn’t try to go up the mountain or break the boulders apart that lie in its path. It flows down hill, on the path of least resistance, simply washing over everything in its way.

Discovering Myself…Again

As I began walking the path that leads to Reiki mastership, I became more wholly myself.

The most important part of that was committing to daily Reiki self-sessions. As I laid my hands on my apparently broken body, I began to heal and realized I had only been bent. I had finally re-entered the current of my life.

And as I embodied that flow more and more, I began to see that it was less about becoming someone different and more about remembering who I had always been.

I was the kid that began meditating, exploring the religions of the world, experimenting with astral travel and cementing my psychic gifts when I was 12.

Life had become a true challenge only when I sought to deny my true nature. Things had gotten hard only when I sought to shove my lovely star-shaped self into a very square hole.

I knew who I was. I simply had to find the courage to be that person.

Finding My Flow in Life

I still sometimes step outside of the current and life becomes a struggle once again. I am at a point where I am fully riding the current once again. Of course I hope it will be for always, but it’s hard to say.

I think all that really matters it that we are constantly seeking to step into the flow of the Universe, to swim along our current in that great river. Sometimes there is true value in realizing that we have taken a wrong turn, finding our way back and experiencing the gratitude that comes from greeting our true path as one would greet an old, beloved friend.

I am grateful that I understand my particular current and what it means for me to be in the flow of life. I am even more grateful that I have always seemed to know who I really am and grateful for the lesson that life doesn’t have to be hard when you are true to yourself.

And with Reiki in your heart, mind, hands and soul, you can’t help but just be yourself…

Reiki: The Foundation of My Path

I have been blessed to use Reiki to heal myself. It was the beginning of 2011 since I was in a wheelchair and I’m down from 17 medications to one (hopefully none, soon) none. My life has changed by 180 degrees.

I am so lucky.

I am so blessed.

And now I get to help others experience their own healings and blessings.

I have learned so much and I am thrilled to keep learning with all of you. I am so motivated to share this path with others who desire to be empowered to claim their right to health and well-being. And I am so excited that you are here!

Thanks so much for reading. It’s an honor to share my story with you.

So Reiki ON, my dear Reiki friends!

Wishing you love and peace and many Reiki blessings,

Tarin Rataic, The Reiki Guide

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