How to Use Reiki and the Law of Attraction to Reach Your Goals - Part 2

How to Use Reiki and the Law of Attraction to Reach Your Goals - Part 2

We’ve been discovering how you can use Reiki and the Law of Attraction to help you to reach your goals. In the first blog in this series, I showed you how to set the perfect goals. In case you missed it, you can find it here: How to Use Reiki and the Law of Attraction to Reach Your Goal – Part 1

Now I’m going to show you how to add Reiki to the process, dissolving any blocks that you may have to success, and get you living your best life.

How to Use Reiki to Achieve Your Goals

Like we’ve discussed, sending Reiki to your goals is a great way to improve the results of all of your projects and work. Plus, as long as it’s in your best interest, it will even help to speed up your progress.

Having the power of Reiki behind your goals with help to make sure that all that you achieve will be for your highest and greatest good, as well as the highest and greatest good of all.

It will also help you to become aware of and dissolve any blocks to your success that you may be holding inside of you. This way, the path to your goals will become clear and easy breezy, baby! And as you’ve probably experienced before in life, the less resistance you encounter when doing something, the easier it is to stay motivated and keep going. Talk about a win-win!

Adding Reiki to the process of achieving your goals is also one of the easiest and best ways to ensure that you have all of the Divine help and support that you need to make your dreams a reality.

We all always have God or Spirit in our corners. But unless we’ve asked for help and consciously broken down the barriers to this help that we often have in place, we may not be receiving all of the support that is in reality available to us and waiting for us to tap into.

However, once we do this, all of the worldly support that we could ever need to achieve our dreams arrives in our lives, through serendipitous circumstances and help from other people.

So without further ado, here’s how to use this!

Step 1: Write it Down!

First, write down your goal on an index card.

You can also use a Post-it note or a note-taking app on your phone. Like we’ve gone over, you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve phrased what you’re looking to achieve both in positive terms and in the present tense.

For example:  “I have the rewarding job of my dreams.”

By now you can understand how doing this will yield better results than writing down:  “I wish my job didn’t make me so unhappy.”

If you’re working with multiple goals over the period of a week, a month or longer, you have a couple of options of how to approach the writing down of your goals.

You can either write them all down in one list and put a heading at the top, such as “My Goals for the Week of January 1 through January 7,” or “My Goals for the Month of January.” And then send Reiki the group of goals as a whole.

If you’re dealing with larger goals, you may want to write each one down separately and send Reiki to them individually. But you don’t have to and it’s okay to still send Reiki to them as a group.

When dealing with daily goals, for ease, it’s best to just stick with one list of goals and send Reiki to the group.

Another bonus to this step is that just the act of writing down your goals holds a certain power of its own in helping you to achieve what you desire. And the sad thing is that most people never even get this far. You’re already so far ahead of the game!

After you write down your goal, give yourself permission to feel a lovely little tingle pass through you as you begin to create wonderful things for yourself. Oooh! That’s the feeling of change!

Step 2: Add the Reiki Symbols for a Little Extra Oomph!

Hold the index card in one hand, preferably your nondominant hand.

Now using your other hand, draw the Power symbol over the card in light. You can also draw the Distance symbol and/or the Mental/Emotional symbol over the card, too, if you feel drawn to do so. If you have any other symbols that you know and use, you can add them, too. But only add the ones that you truly feel drawn to use. We’re not going for clutter here. We’re looking to support and bring in focus and clarity to the situation.

If you don’t yet know the Reiki symbols or any other symbols for that matter, just skip this step. It will still totally work. I promise!

The power of this technique, while it is supported and enhanced by the energy of the Reiki symbols, is not derived from the Reiki symbols. It is your intention, plus the Universal life force energy that is Reiki, and you as the channel of this power, that creates the end result.

At this step, you can also ask for the help and support of any archangels or ascended masters with whom you work in achieving your goals.

Step 3: REIKI!

Hold the index card between both of your hands now and give it Reiki for anywhere from several minutes up to 10 minutes.

The easiest and best step ever!

If you don’t do Reiki yet, check out my solution for you at the end.

Adding Reiki to the process of achieving your goals is also one of the easiest and best ways to ensure that you have all of the Divine help and support that you need to make your dreams a reality.

Step 4: ACT

This step is pivotal and not to be ignored.

You now need to take the action steps required to achieve your goal by doing anything that you already know needs to be done.

It’s unlikely that you’re going to achieve your goals by sitting on the couch all day. This is a physical world and which we’re living and the ability to act is favored on this plane. So do whatever you can to help achieve your goals.

Now that you’ve added Reiki to the mix, you will find that your accomplishments come a lot more easily and with a lot less resistance, both on your part as well as the part of anyone else involved, and that things just seem to flow better. Obstacles will simply fall away or their root causes will be revealed to you so that you can release or heal them.

Also, make sure you’re watching for signs of opportunities to act upon to support your goal and then act on those things, too. Some people refer to these occurrences as serendipity. No matter what you call them they are Reiki blessings and should be seized and pursued as the golden opportunities that they are.

Please remember, this step is meant to empower, not to overwhelm. The action steps that you will be taking will be Divinely guided at this point, assuming that you are listening to any guidance which you are receiving.

You shouldn’t be working yourself to exhaustion here to make things happen. You may be called to work hard, but more importantly, this is about working smarter. Since one of the super-powers of Reiki is the creation and support of balance, now that you’ve added Reiki to your process, you will be assuring balance in all that you do.

Step 5: Repeat Daily

Just like you did in step three, give Reiki to your index card of goals for two to ten minutes every day.

In the morning just after you wake up is a great time, as is at night right before bed. Whenever works for you and doesn’t add to your stress, but makes you feel supported and empowered, is just right for you.

If you want to, you can even carry the card with you so you can give it Reiki a few more times throughout your day. This will help to boost your results and to keep you focused on your goal.

If you feel like you probably want to do this, then you may want to type your goals in a note on your phone right from the get-go. Since most of us have our phones with us all day, you can give Reiki to your goals whenever you’re holding your phone. To do this, either open the note up on the phone or just intend that the Reiki go to the note while you’re simply holding your phone.

One final WARNING! Expect changes!

To sum up, here’s what you can expect as you continually practice this technique:

  • You will likely notice that you begin to realize better ideas about how to achieve your goal
  • Your blocks to your goal will also be healed
  • You’ll become more motivated to achieve your goal and become unstoppable
  • You may even find that Reiki will cause serendipity in your life and you will be able to achieve something even better than what you had hoped for

Everything that you want and need really is waiting for you. And by using this Reiki technique, you make it so much easier for all those things to find their way to you! Yay!

But What If I Don’t Practice Reiki, Yet?

If you don’t practice Reiki, you can still use this technique. Get your free course here where I show you how to make a Chi Ball. You can then simply place this Chi Ball into your index card during steps three and five above. And you can expect results, too! Easy peasy, right?

Ready to Learn How to Manifest Like a Pro?

If you’re ready to start manifesting with the type of clarity and energy that can create real transformations in your life, you may want to check out my Manifesting for Earth Angels Course

This course guides you through practices that heal and release the old ways of being that got you into your current circumstance and teaches you new ways of living that help you create the life you desire.

You’ll also receive plenty of tools and support along the way to help anchor in these changes and make them your new set point.

You can get all of the details right through here. I hope to see you there!

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you have an awesome week and that, with the help of Reiki, you accomplish all of your goals – and then some!

So Reiki ON, my dear Reiki friends!

Wishing you many Reiki blessings,

Tarin Rataic, The Reiki Guide

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